Who We Are

About Sage Baker

SageBakerAs founder and principal of Sage Baker Consulting, Sage brings her own curiosity and creative outlook to each and every engagement. She’s become expert at applying qualitative research techniques to a particular landscape in order to draw out game-changing insights for her clients.

Sage cut her teeth in advertising, at GSD&M in Austin, Texas. As a strategic brand planner and Manager of Secondary Research, Sage helped shape and share the stories of Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart, SBC/AT&T, AARP, BMW, Chili’s and United Healthcare. She also developed and managed the agency’s internal secondary research group, IDEAIntel, specializing in applying consumer trends, competitive analysis and other resources to clients’ initiatives. 

Now, at Sage Baker Consulting, she’s able to offer all of her clients a holistic and customized approach to their particular puzzles. No matter the business context or question, Sage puts people at ease, meets them where they are, and garners candid and constructive insights – using everything from traditional focus groups, to ethnographies, online journals and face-to-face discussions.

Getting to know Sage Baker is getting to know Sage Baker Consulting, and vice versa. Sage has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, is mother to two vibrant daughters, and maintains a refreshing openness to challenges big and small. You’ll enjoy her full attention to the project at hand while appreciating her forward-leaning perspective – she believes there’s always a better way to listen to, learn from, and leverage information. It’s that simple.

Our Team

Doing the right research means having the right partners. After more than 20 years in the business, Sage has a great network of specialists and strategic thinkers ready to jump in as necessary. Based on what you need, she’ll assemble the team to make it happen.

Research is creating new knowledge. – Neil Armstrong