Asking the Questions Behind the Questions

We all know it’s true. Every project is important and we need to start delivering those deliverables as soon as possible.

But – and this is a BIG but –

Before we start asking questions outside of the organization (consumers, target audience, external stakeholders, etc.), let’s take the time to ask ourselves a number of fundamental questions first.

If we don’t, we’re likely to board the wrong train on the wrong track, headed to the wrong destination. That is never a pleasant journey!

Asking the Questions Behind the Questions

You can feel it in the meeting. You can see it in their faces. You can hear it in their words.

“Sage, we don’t have time to contemplate our navels. We need to get this project going!”

Yes, yes indeed we do.

BUT, if we’re not clear on what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we will measure success before we even get started, we may as well forget the whole thing.

I think Pee Wee Herman put it best, “Everyone I know has a big but.”

Let’s talk about your big but.


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