Curiosity as a Career Path

An interesting thought occurred to me recently.

I get paid to be curious.

In its simplest form, my job as a qualitative researcher means having conversations with people – conversations where the questions I ask and the answers people share help me uncover, discover, and understand their feelings and needs, often in relation to a particular product, service, or organization.

Every conversation begins with a question, a spark of curiosity like, “Hi. How are you?”

Zora Neale Hurston

The fact is I can’t imagine not being curious. I am a diligent explorer in search of answers.

But I have to keep my mind open to whatever answers I discover, even if they are not what I had expected or hoped to find.

Fortunately, the joy I find is not in the endpoint but in the journey, the process.

So whenever someone asks me, “Do you like what you do?”

I always respond, “Heck yeah!”

Who knew that curiosity could be a career path?

Has this message sparked a question in your mind? Let’s talk about it.


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